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The most compact dual-panel pallet labelling system on the market today

Take your line’s Tertiary Packaging to the next level with the M230i-NS Pallet Labeller.

One of the most challenging parts of product or pallet labelling is the ability to apply an adhesive label onto stretch wrap.

Swing arms, while prevalent in the coding and marking industry due to cost savings, are not ideal for avoiding stretch wrap snatching by the label when applied.

The safest way to accomplish this task is with a 90 degree extension, together with a 90 degree retraction. Domino’s M230i-NS pallet labeller utilises both of these features.

Through innovative design, simple integration and streamlined processes, the Domino M230i-NS applicator eliminates operator error, improves factory efficiencies and prints and applies labels on demand.

Changing the game through masterful design

It all starts with the core design of the applicator. Labels are applied and scanned in a single, sweeping motion, perpendicular to the pallet, eliminating the chance of the swing arms getting caught in stretch wrap, resulting in higher reliability and more effective label placement.

The M230i-NS occupies a small footprint where limited space constraints are typically normal on a production line, positioned after the palletizer or stretch wrapper.

Automated pallet labelling has been made more accessible, is seamlessly integrated and very reliable with this model.

Key Benefits

image of Lower cost of ownership
Lower cost of ownership
image of improved performance
improved performance
image of Easy integration
Easy integration
image of Easy to use
Easy to use

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