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Pharmaceutical and veterinary industry printing solutions

The Pharmaceutical and Veterinary sector is traditionally a clean, sterile environment that requires a high level of product trace ability and print quality. Our solutions are well suited to this industry with some of the cleanest, most reliable and effective systems available, making them the preferred choice for coding and marking for many OEM’s and multi national companies around the world.

New legislation around the world with regards to serialization and track and trace systems for governmental compliance and anti counterfeiting measures have been answered with our printing solutions, which can be networked to ERP, MES systems to print GTIN numbers, serial numbers, bar-codes and batch numbers. Pharma validation packs are available with any of our systems below.

Common technologies employed in the Pharmaceutical and Veterinary industry

Continuous Ink Jet Coding

Real-Time Precision: Continuous Ink Jet Coding provides on-the-fly printing for high-speed food packaging lines, ensuring accurate and legible codes.

Thermal Transfer Overprinting

Crisp and Consistent: Thermal Transfer Printing (TTO) delivers sharp, consistent printing for barcodes, labels, and date codes on food packaging materials.

Laser Marking and Coding

Permanent Clarity: Laser Coding and Marking technology offers permanent, high-contrast marks for precise traceability on food products and packaging.

Thermal Inkjet Printing

Vivid Detail with Speed: Thermal Ink Jet Printing (TIJ) provides vibrant, high-resolution prints quickly, making it ideal for product identification on food packaging.

Label Print and Apply

Efficiency Simplified: Label Print and Apply solutions streamline the labeling process, ensuring accurate and efficient application of labels on food packaging.

Carton Printing

Modular, versatile and high resolution: The C-Series high resolution piezo printer provides marking solutions for the identification, traceability and graphic personalisation of porous substrates such as cardboard boxes, trays and bags.

Main Printing Requirements

  • image of Best before datesBest before dates
  • image of Ingredient printingIngredient printing
  • image of Product identificationProduct identification
  • image of Pallet and carton labellingPallet and carton labelling
  • image of Batch or lot numberingBatch or lot numbering

Common Technologies

  • image of Thermal TransferThermal Transfer
  • image of Continuous Inkjet PrintingContinuous Inkjet Printing
  • image of Laser PrintingLaser Printing
  • image of Thermal Inkjet PrintingThermal Inkjet Printing
  • image of Print and Apply LabellingPrint and Apply Labelling
  • image of Carton codingCarton coding

Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Industry Industry coding solutions throughout New Zealand and South Pacific Islands