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Enhance your laser coder's performance

Domino DPX is an efficient and effective fume and particulate extraction for laser marking applications.

The cleverly designed DPX cleans the air around your laser coder, protecting your staff from potentially harmful fumes and particulates.

The DPX Extraction Unit range uses a two stage filtration process for maximum and cost-effective fume extraction. The extracted air is first passed through the pre-filter process which removes the majority of particulates.

The air is then passed up to the main filter which removes the remaining extremely fine particles, and is then filtered through a carbon-layer to remove any harmful gases. The clean air is finally returned to the atmosphere.

Sensors in the extraction unit check the purified air before it is returned to the atmosphere. If any particles or gas are detected, the DPX unit is automatically shut-down and an alarm is raised, ensuring that contaminated air is not released.

Key Benefits

image of health and safety compliant
health and safety compliant
image of clean and safe operating environment
clean and safe operating environment
image of Improved production efficiency
Improved production efficiency
image of Ensures consistent code quality
Ensures consistent code quality

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