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FoxJet Solo Series

Entry into Economic Thermal Inkjet Coding

Up to 25.4mm print height, compact & economic

Thermal Ink Jet printers

If you are looking for a coding solution that is designed for high-resolution printing at high line speeds with complete reliability, Gx-Series TIJ printers can usually meet your needs. The Domino Gx-Series and FoxJet Thermal ink jet systems have the ability to print with solvent or water based fluids onto a variety of substrates.

Thermal inkjet on labels  Thermal ink jet on boxes  Thermal ink jet on carton    Thermal Ink jet on packaging

For the variety of coding requirements within the FMCG sectors, Domino has developed an ink range that is suitable for all packaging levels, from flexible films to porous, shelf-ready packaging and shipping boxes.

The FoxJet Thermal inkjet is fully enclosed and has built in sensors for product direction, speed and detection, making this a very economical, easy to use and simple to install system.

Thermal inkjet technology is a great technology for many applications where high speed, high print quality and reliability are required. Printing 2D Codes, graphics text and logos at speed are now a reality.

Key Benefits

  • High resolution at the highest speeds
  • Small footprint
  • Efficient ink system
  • Improved line efficiency
  • Range of inks
  • Simple to use

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Thermal Ink Jet Printer Range