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Domino G-Series

High Quality, Fast Printing

Thermal Inkjet Printing (TIJ)

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FoxJet Solo Series

Entry into Economic Thermal Inkjet Coding

Up to 25.4mm print height, Compact & Economic

Thermal Ink jet printers

For high-quality, high-speed printing of 1D & 2D codes, text and graphics on porous and non-porous substrates using Thermal Ink Jet printing technology. The Domino G-Series and FoxJet Thermal ink jet systems have the ability to print with solvent or water based fluids onto a variety of substrates.

Thermal inkjet on labels  Thermal ink jet on boxes  Thermal ink jet on carton    Thermal Ink jet on packaging

Easy maintenance

The Domino G-Series can have up to four heads per machine and each head can either be used on a separate production line or be stitched together for a larger print heights of up to 50.8mm.

The FoxJet Thermal inkjet is fully enclosed and has built in sensors for product direction, speed and detection, making this a very economical, easy to use and simple to install system

Thermal inkjet technology is a great technology for many applications where high speed, high print quality and reliability are required. Printing 2D Codes, graphics text and logos at speed are now a reality

Key Benefits

  • High quality complex codes up to 600dpi
  • High speed coding up to 300m/min
  • Clean, maintenance free, reliable printing
  • Multi-substrate fast drying inks
  • Range of print heights from 12.7mm to 50.4mm


Industry leaders in Thermal Ink Jet Solutions throughout New Zealand and South Pacific Islands

Thermal Ink Jet Printer Range