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Label Print and Apply Solutions

Codemark Limited offers Domino’s M-Series Print and Apply solutions for all your automated label printing and applying requirements. For product, carton and pallet.


The M-Series print & apply labelling range offers you the ultimate modular label coding system for your production line. With both a wide range of standard configurations and the option for more specialised solutions, our systems can be easily integrated to meet your needs with the minimum of disruption.

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Compact, reliable and easy to use

A compact design allows easy fitting even where space is limited; a robust construction along with accurate information and label placement means you can rely on consistent and accurate high speed labelling. Combined with fast consumable changes, we can help maximise your manufacturing productivity requirements.

Assured compliance

M-Series print & apply labelling systems can produce high quality labels for full supply chain compliance, including GS1 approved barcodes, serial shipping container codes (SSCC), text and graphics.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced throughput – seamless integration into production lines ensures line efficiency is maintained, labels can be applied to both moving and stationary products
  • Reduced errors – the simple label selection for the M-Series ensures operator independence
  • Maximum availability – the simple and robust M-Series ensures line efficiency
  • GS1 compliant codes – high resolution printing of barcodes, serial shipping container codes (SSCC), text and graphics ensure supply chain compliance
  • Fast changeover – simple ribbon and label paths ensure fast consumable change
  • Optional sensors alert operators when consumable levels are low
  • Flexibility – M-Series can apply a label with Blow, Tamp,Tamp-Blow or Wipe label application options, left and right hand variants to provide an optimal solution. In addition, the unique design of tamp applicator pads enables a wide range of different labels to be applied using the same applicator pad
  • Connectivity – The M-Series features both USB and RS232 connections as standard with optional Ethernet

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