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QuickDesign Suite

Deliver more from your production line printers using QuickDesign software from Domino. With over 30 years of coding expertise, Domino offer’s Coding Automation software that allows complete control of your communications along your production line.

Ranging from basic message design for a single coder through to automated code deployment across an entire factory, the QuickDesign software suite provides a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your coding needs.

Why automate coding?

Coding Automation is becoming increasing popular for all stages of coding along a production line due to the increased need for accuracy and operation efficiency.

Changes to product coding and labelling legislation (such as the new EU regulation 1169/2011) as well as ever-increasing traceability demands through product supply chains, make message creation and management ever more challenging.

Coding Automation software is a great way of mitigating risk, improving efficiency and future proofing against the coding demands of tomorrow.

How it works

Coding Automation starts when a coder is connected to an external device such as a computer.

This connection allows the functions of the coder to be executed through external commands sent from software on the computer. These commands can include print messages (label designs) as well as operational commands such as start and stop, which allow the computer to drive the coder from a remote location such as an office or centralised production desk.

When this is expanded to multiple coders and integrated with external triggers on the line, as well as ERP or MES systems from a server, advanced automation capabilities such as ‘single button’ line changes can be executed.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce coding errors by minimizing data entry and centralizing messages, labels and product data to a single location
  • Reduce design time by providing a easy to use application in a standard Windows environment
  • Offer extended capabilities to minimise the effect of any hardware based restrictions that are imposed by a specific technology or approach
  • Provide a platform for substantial efficiency improvements in code and label deployment, reducing operator interaction and streamlining factory floor working processes

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