QuickDesign Datalink – Print from a Database

Reduce errors

  • Minimise Data Entry by creating templates and linking them to internal and external product databases
  • Simple Operator interface limits the human error possibility
  • Consolidate sources of product data – Making it easier to manage and update

Integrate systems

  • Reduce setup and change over times by removing message creation from the line
  • Pull in data from central databases to reduce duplication


  • Standard user experience across all Domino technologies reduces training needs
  • Full Unicode character sets
  • Future proofed – Fully scalable and up-gradable solution from your first coder to your 100th


QuickDesign Datalink

Easy to use message and label design PC software for all of your Domino coders

QuickDesign Datalink- Integrates QuickDesign to external data sources such as ERP or product databases, ensuring correct data is stored in a single, central location for best practice data management – eliminating update errors

Based on the QuickDesign common platform, QuickDesign Unite is compatible with A-,C-,D-, F-, G-, M- and V-Series Domino coders, and works on all major windows OS PC platforms.

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