M-Series – Wipe & Reverse Wipe Print & Apply Labelling

  • Standard Wipe or Reverse Wipe applicator
  • Variable label lengths with Reverse Wipe
  • High speed labelling
  • Industrial robust design
  • Easy and fast consumable changes
  • Side, top or bottom labelling
  • Left and right hand versions as standard


Wipe & Reverse Wipe Print & Apply Labelling

Domino’s standard Wipe units (M230i-W100 and M230i-WR100) provide multi-purpose Print & Apply solutions that suit many applications for box and product labelling.

Wipe Applicator

The simple movement in the M230i-W100 is ideal for your high-speed applications across a wide range of industries.

Reverse Wipe Applicator

The M230i-WR100 reverse wipe applicator gives you the option of variable length labels with no extra setup, giving you the necessary flexibility for today’s market requirements.

These solutions provide you with a compact and robust design for continuously reliable labelling for many years to come – even in the most harsh industrial environments.

Wrap Around Pusher

Using an additional pneumatic pusher a label can be applied to the trailing edge of a carton with some extending passed the carton. The pusher then pushes the remaining label along the other side of the carton

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