M-Series – Front & Side Print & Apply Labeller

  • Flexible, multi-purpose dual tamp solution for from and side labelling applications
  • Labelling of moving products
  • Accurate and consistent label position
  • Easy and fast consumable change
  • Front-side, back-side, top-front or top-back labelling
  • Applies last label printer
  • Industrial, robust design
  • Left and right hand versions as standard


Front & Side Print & Apply Labelling

Domino’s dual tamp units (M230i-FS100 and M230i-FS150) provide a flexible, multi-purpose Dual Tamp Print & Apply solution that suits many applications within box and product labelling. Delivering both accuracy and speed, they provide you with a trustworthy, robust and easy to use system. Experience consistent labelling for many years to come, even in the harshest industrial environments.

Versatile labelling

Our Front-Side applicator units are specially designed for versatile and reliable front and side labelling on cases and cartons.

The printers are available in both left and right hand versions as standard to optimize operator comfort and safety and ensure faster consumables changeovers. Our modular design offers easy integration into new and existing production lines allowing you to meet your label printing requirements.

Excellent reliability

The compact design has been achieved without compromising a robust construction, allowing our Front-Side applicator units to meet the efficiencies required within your specific production environment.

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