M-Series – Blow Print & Apply Labelling

  • Non contact for delicate or un-even products
  • Labelling of moving or stationary products
  • High speed labelling
  • Industrial robust design
  • Easy and fast consumable changes
  • Side or top labelling
  • Left and right hand versions as standard
  • Built in windows drivers


Blow Print & Apply Labelling

M230i-B100 is ideal for non-contact printing and labelling on non-rigid products such as, for example, in the food and grocery industries. It is also perfect for high speed applications where the distance to product is relatively short. The B100 has been successfully employed in many beverage sites and in a wide range of other industries.

Non-contact label application ensures no damage to delicate products or any reduction in throughput on high speed production lines. This fast and convenient label applicator can tolerate fluctuations in distance to product without compromising performance

Providing you with a reliable, robust and easy to use design to give you continuously reliable labelling for many years to come – even in the most harsh industrial environments

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