FoxJet Solo Series

  • 2 controller options: PC-based (with included software) or Solo Handheld
  • Up to 10 vertical lines of print
  • Max print height of up to 25.4mm
  • 300dpi Print Quality
  • Print logos and barcodes including various 1D types and the 2D data matrix code
  • Fully featured software including built-in autocodes, such as date, time, count and expiration
  • Compact, rugged enclosure
  • Built in sensors to detect product, speed and print direction
  • Serial port at printhead for flexibility
  • Purge button for easy cleaning of cartridge
  • In/Out port for daisy chaining up to four printheads
  • Ink level detection which ensures optimum print quality in FoxJet ink cartridges.
  • Solvent and Water based inks for porous and non-porous substrates


The SoloSeries thermal inkjet printers from FoxJet feature three controller options as well as a choice of two head heights. The product line features many printing capabilities including up to 10 lines of alphanumerics as well as logos and 1D and 2D barcodes. The enclosed printhead design of the SoloSeries printers makes them truly industrial.

Solo 45 Thermal Inkjet

FoxJet’s SoloSeries 45 printhead offers up to 5 lines of print over a maximum of 12.7mm print height, varying character heights and easy logo placement for simple and flexible message creation. Built-in autocodes such as date, time, count and expiration are easy to utilize. And the rugged enclosure protects the print cartridge, ensuring optimum print quality in industrial environments.

Solo 90 Thermal Inkjet

The SoloSeries 90 printhead from FoxJet offers up to a 25.4mm high print hight for alphanumerics, logos and barcodes without complicated stitching procedures. The SoloSeries 90 features two sets of photo sensors to ensure your message prints perfectly each time. Plus, the printer’s robust build with its stainless steel faceplate provides durability and longevity.

Optional Marksman Controller

You can run the Solo Series using the free PC software program, however it is not always possible or practical. Having a controller near the printer is time saving and ergonomic allowing new messages, set up and adjustment to be made.

The Marksman HHI (Handheld Interface) is quite simply the most advanced handhald controller for thermal inkjet printheads on the market today. Designed solely for the SoloSeries

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