D620i High Speed Laser

  • 60 watt CO2 laser
  • IP65 versions for harsh or wet environments
  • Extreme reliability and speed capabilities
  • Blue tube version especially designed for use on PET substrates
  • 15mm scan head version for use on wide webs with marking area of up to 581mm
  • Beam delivery options to fit into any application


The optimum combination of high performance, speed and flexibility

Increased power and speed, combined with an optional IP65-rated version, makes the D620i laser coder  equal to the most demanding applications and environments. These include high speed beverage, packaging or serialisation requirements, both human readable and 2D data matrix coding.

The high speed capability of the D620i derives from the combination of increased laser power and Domino’s new standard i-Tech 10 scan head.

Domino’s new 15mm scan head is truly impressive and can cover a 453 x 581 mm print window allowing one machine to print across a large area whilst still maintaining an excellent print result

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