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Advanced fluids, solvents labels & ribbons for exceptional product coding and optimum printer performance

Choosing the right consumable for your application is as important as choosing the printer. The choice of consumable affects not only the quality of the printed message but also assures the performance of your printer.

Ink, make up, solvent for ink jet coders

A-Series Ink jet Coder Inks and Solvents
Domino inks can print onto an array of substrates including plastics, metal, paper, glass, porous cartons and directly onto food products.

Available in a wide range of colours and for specialist applications, such as food-grade, UV-fluorescent, UV-cure and thermo-chromic, the ink range ensures that whatever the application there is a well engineered Domino ink to support it.

The many diverse industry applications of continuous ink jet printing has led to the demand for a wide range of inks to meet these requirements. With more than 30 years experience in designing and building printers, Domino knows how to maximise their performance with the development of the right fluids.

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Thermal transfer ribbon

Thermal Transfer (TTO) Ribbon
The Domino V-Series thermal transfer (TTO) and M-Series print & apply systems are supported by a comprehensive range of ribbons. They are available in a range of grades and colours, as well as a range of widths and lengths.

Domino ribbons are formulated to provide excellent print quality for a wide variety of substrates and printing speeds. End user properties include resistance to heat, smudge, scratch, chemical and light to ensure that the codes remain legible (and machine readable) throughout their lifetime. Using Domino ribbons will maximise print head life.

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Thermal Ink Jet Cartridges

Thermal Inkjet Cartridges (TIJ)
The Domino G-Series range of thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers is supported by a comprehensive range of HP authorized ink cartridges. They are available in Water or Solvent based suitable for porous and non porous substrates

The FoxJet Solo Series is supported by 3 core types of ink cartridges (Water based, High Contrast Water Based and Solvent based) for printing on various substrates including porous and non porous.

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Blank labels Direct thermal or gloss

Blank Labels
Codemark has a wide range of Blank Labels to suit most applications at competitive prices.

With the capacity to supply standard and direct thermal labels in medium to large batch orders. If we don’t have your particular size we are flexible enough to get it for you.

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Inks, Ribbon, Blank Labels and Solvents throughout
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