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Codemark Limited has been supplying top of the range coding and marking solutions throughout New Zealand and South Pacific since 2002. Collectively our team has over 50 years of relevant experience. As such we have amassed vast experience in a multitude of industry specific applications.

The Electronics and PCB sector is traditionally a clean, sterile environment that requires a high level of product trace ability and print quality. Our solutions are well suited to this industry with some of the cleanest, most reliable and effective systems available making them the preferred choice for coding and marking for many OEM’s and multi national companies around the world.

Codemark is proud to be in a position to be able to confidently supply leading solutions to this mission critical sector. We have specific technologies designed for specific requirements and applications

 Ink jet on PCB

Continuous Ink Jet Coding

Ink jet coders are a very versatile, proven solution for date coding,  and product identification on electronic components, products and packaging. With one of the cleanest ink jet coders on the market, with very good print quality that is legible at even 0.8mm print height in our PinPoint machines

Global leading ink jet coding technology, The Domino A-Series offers performance, value, and versatility that reduces cost of ownership by maximizing up time and intelligent ink management system. Built on over 35 years of experience and strong R & D practices, the Domino A-Series is the bench mark of Industrial ink jet coders preferred by many well known, international and local OEM’s and Multi National Companies.

  • PinPoint technology – Small easy to read codes even at 0.8mm in print height
  • Non-contact printing – Enables uneven and flexible surfaces to be coded
  • Superior print head technology – Provides better drop placement and print quality
  • Automatic self-cleaning print head – Ensures that the print nozzle stays unobstructed, even on frequent start-stop production lines
  • Spill proof ink and solvent cartridges
  • Password protection and user trace ability function for added security

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Laser marker Laser on to circuit board

Laser Coding and Marking

Unquestionably the pinnacle of laser coding technology, the Domino laser systems offer, performance, reliability and easy integration in even the most demanding of applications or environments. Laser’s high quality, tamper proof printing makes it ideal for printing high quality graphics, bar-codes and information onto almost any substrate including, plastics, metals, cartons, labels etc.

The Domino D-Series can come to IP65 for harsh or wet environments.

  • Superior letter-quality print that is permanent with no liquid consumables such as ink
  • High reliability due to few moving parts and proven technology
  • Consistent quality in stationary and high-speed lines
  • Print in any orientation
  • Unlimited graphical capabilities including bar-coding and 2D bar-coding
  • Little to no running costs
  • Clean
  • Large marking window
  • Password protection and user trace ability function for added security

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