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Codemark Limited has been supplying top of the range coding and marking solutions throughout New Zealand and South Pacific since 2002. Collectively our team has over 50 years of relevant experience. As such we have amassed vast experience in a multitude of industry specific applications.

The construction sector usually requires high quality printing that is permanent and able to with stand some pretty abrasive handling. Normally, manufacture dates, times, batch numbers, bar-codes, product identification and logos are required in this sector

Codemark is proud to be in a position to be able to confidently supply leading solutions to this mission critical sector. We have specific technologies designed for specific requirements and applications

Continuous Ink Jet Coding

Ink jet coders are a very versatile, proven solution for date coding, batch numbering and product identification on a variety of products, including: Metals, Glass, plastics, roofing tiles, etc.

Global leading ink jet coding technology, The Domino A-Series offers performance, value, and versatility that reduces cost of ownership by maximizing up time and intelligent ink management system. Built on over 35 years of experience and strong R & D practices, the Domino A-Series is the bench mark of Industrial ink jet coders preferred by many well known, international and local OEM’s and Multi National Companies.

  • High speed printing – Keeps up with the fastest production environments
  • Non-contact printing  – Enables uneven and flexible surfaces to be coded
  • Fast drying and robust ink – Able to withstand heavy abuse and lightfastness
  • Superior print head technology – Provides better drop placement and print quality
  • Automatic self-cleaning print head – Ensures that the print nozzle stays unobstructed, even on frequent start-stop production lines

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Laser Coding and Marking

Unquestionably the pinnacle of laser coding technology, the Domino laser systems offer, performance, reliability and easy integration in even the most demanding of applications or environments. Laser is a perfect solution where permanent, high quality printing is required. There are no removable inks and the print becomes part of the product.

The Domino D-Series can come to IP65 for harsh or wet environments.

  • Superior letter-quality print that is permanent with no liquid consumables such as ink
  • Suitable for laser printing onto PET, Glass, Metals, and Plastics
  • Rapid scan technology for even faster print speeds with low power requirements
  • High reliability due to few moving parts and proven technology
  • Consistent quality on stationary and high-speed lines
  • Print in any orientation
  • Unlimited graphical capabilities including bar-coding and 2D bar-coding
  • Little to no running costs

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Thermal ink jet printer

Thermal Ink Jet Printing (TIJ)

Utilizing the familiar HP type ink cartridge in an industrial application. Domino formulates its own inks to address industry specific requirements and applications.

Specialized for high-resolution printing, Domino’s thermal ink jet printers G-Series has many benefits to offer the beverage industry from 2D codes for higher track and trace capabilities, to simple cost efficient carton and box printing

  • High speed / resolution printing that keeps up with the fastest production environments.
  • Clean, minimal amounts of ink used per code, many food packaging inks available within the range.
  • Superior print head technology provides exact drop placement and high print quality using our Water and Ethanol based inks.
  • Minimal production disruption: Cartridge replacement is easy, service free with virtually no maintenance.
  • Up top 4 print heads in four positions (or production lines) from one controller covering a radius of up to 50m
  • Up to 4 heads stitched together to achieve a 50.4mm print height image

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Labeller and printer

Label Print and Apply

Print and apply labels onto product, cartons and pallets. Labels can be applied onto multiple position on the product, e.g. wrap around label, front & side labeling, multi positions and sides on pallets

  • Full range of secondary and tertiary coding solutions, including pallet labelling systems
  • A wide range of standard applicator options, including Tamp/ Blow, Wipe / Reverse Wipe, Front / Front-Side
  • Flexible – unique pad design allows handling of different materials and sizes
  • High speed labeling at high resolution
  • Production line control with in-built alerts and synchronized changeovers via intelligent and user-friendly data management
  • Fast consumable changes made easy through the M-Series collapsible core

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QD Standard Logo

QuickDesign Production Software

Coding Automation starts when a coder is connected to an external device such as a computer.

This connection allows the functions of the coder to be executed through external commands sent from software on the computer. These commands can include print messages (label designs) as well as operational commands such as start and stop, which allow the computer to drive the coder from a remote location such as an office or centralised production desk.

When this is expanded to multiple coders and integrated with external triggers on the line, as well as ERP or MES systems from a server, advanced automation capabilities such as ‘single button’ line changes can be executed.

  • Reduce coding errors by minimizing data entry and centralizing messages, labels and product data to a single location
  • Reduce design time by providing a easy to use application in a standard windows® environment
  • Offer extended capabilities to minimise the effect of any hardware based restrictions that are imposed by a specific technology or approach
  • Provide a platform for substantial efficiency improvements in code and label deployment, reducing operator interaction and streamlining factory floor working processes

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Construction Industry Printing Solutions Throughout New Zealand and South Pacific Islands