Codemark Limited | Domino Thermal Inkjet

Domino G-Series

High Quality, Fast Printing

Thermal Inkjet Printing (TIJ)

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Domino G130i

Entry into Reliable Thermal Inkjet Coding

Up to 2 Print Heads in 2 Positions on Multiple Substrates

Domino G230i

Versatile and flexible Thermal Inkjet

1D & 2D Bar coding, Networking & True Type Fonts

Domino G320i

The Super Thermal Ink Jet

Up to 4 Print Heads in 4 Positions on Multiple Substrates

Domino G-Series OEM

OEM Thermal Inkjet

Designed for easy integration into packaging systems.

Domino Thermal Ink Jet printers

For high-quality, high-speed printing of 1D & 2D codes, text and graphics on porous and non-porous substrates using Thermal Ink Jet technology.

  • High quality complex codes up to 600dpi
  • High speed coding up to 300m/min
  • Multi-substrate fast drying inks
  • Range of print heights from 12.7mm to 50.4mm

The Domino G-Series can have up to 4 print heads in 4 positions printing different things with different inputs and outputs allowing you to essentially use one machine across 4 production lines.

Experience and innovation have been ideally joined in the Domino G-Series i-Tech printing systems.If you are looking for a coding solution that is flexible, easy to integrate into your production line and designed for high resolution printing at fast line speeds while being utterly reliable, you are looking for a G-Series solution.

The modular set-up grows with your requirements: Up to four individually operating print heads are managed by one controller and can be configured to operate multiple production lines or print big-size messages enabling your printer set-up to adapt to your production requirements. Intelligent i-Tech features and smart cartridge functions guarantee for easy operation, improved production planning and reduced errors saving you time and money.

As G-Series controllers do not require regular essential maintenance your line efficiency is greatly improved.