Domino A320i Ink Jet Coder

  • Industrial Inkjet coder
  • Up to 4 lines of text available
  • Wide range of application specific inks
  • True Auto flush (Self Cleaning) with nozzle sealing and print head heating as standard

Very Versatile solution for a variety of printing requirements such as:

  • Best before and use by dates
  • Batch numbering
  • Sequential numbering or meter marking
  • Bar-coding
  • Product identification


True service free operation to stay on line longer

The A320i CIJ printer is quite simply there for you, when you need it on your production line.

Easy to use from the moment you press the start button, the A320i simply has the flexibility to meet your date, barcode, 2D and other coding needs and  line coding requirements.

Domino’s i-Tech inks are designed with optimised code quality, reliability and running costs.

The unique, service free i-Tech ink system delivers ultra-low makeup usage, reducing costs and operator intervention. Changing the industry-leading i-Tech Module at the heart of this system is a task that anyone can do in under 10 minutes.

Key Features:

  • iTech ink system – impressively reduces running costs
  • SureStart print head with nozzle sealing, true auto flush and printhead heating as standard
  • Touchscreen user interface or keyboard membrane
  • Ethernet and USB as standard
  • Built in Webserver
  • Easy to use Quickstep software (Touchscreen only)
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